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VIP flight attendant training dates for 2014

For the fifth consecutive year, Training Solutions is offering a monthly...

open participation VIP flight attendant training course in Geneva, Switzerland.

This training course frequently welcomes VIP flight attendants who would like to get to know the latest trends and keep up-to-date with what is happening in the industry. Business aviation companies from all over Europe, Russia and the Middle East send individual VIP flight attendants to participate and the opportunity to exchange experiences with other participants, is just one of the many benefits.

Flight attendants with a commercial aviation background in either business or first class regularly participate as the training course helps them to acquire a better understanding of the business aviation industry and all of its specific challenges. Many commercial flight attendants have also used the course as an opportunity to break into the business aviation industry.

Training takes place in Geneva, Switzerland and with the training location only 5 minutes away from Geneva airport, it is a very convenient training location.

VIP flight attendant training is very comprehensive and covers the following topics; private jet specific table setting, serving luxury food items, effects of meals and drinks served at high altitude, in-flight food safety and HACCP, private jet specific standard operating procedures, client profiles and the importance of discretion, eye for detail: cabin and bathroom decorations, protocol: Heads of States and members of Royal families, in-flight child care excellence, exceeding customer expectations and cultural differences.

The monthly held VIP flight attendant training courses take place in the middle of every month and all training dates for 2014 are online at