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In-flight child care excellence on private jets

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Training Solutions has developed in-flight child care excellence as a new training topic.

The number of children flying on private jets is constantly rising and these young guests have special requirements which need to be meet and indeed exceeded.

Taking good care of children should be every VIP flight attendant’ priority and it starts with the preparation of the cabin, which should include a selection of child-friendly and age appropriate toys, educational books and DVD’s.

As soon as children board the aircraft they should be offered some food items as they are often hungry. Small items of cutlery, glasses without stems and child menus should be a standard.

When preparing and serving meals and snacks, the attendants need to be aware of any religious requirement and observe parental preferences.
If parents are onboard, the behaviour of their children will greatly influence their overall in-flight experience and therefore it deserves special attention, “says Training Solutions’ Founder, Dietmar Duller.