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Dietmar Duller has many contacts and clients in the private aviation industry and they often refer to him when they need a new VIP flight attendant. He enjoys the challenge of finding the right VIP flight attendant for his clients and contacts, and has been very successful in doing so for many years.

Training Solutions is constantly offering worldwide, VIP flight attendant job offers from leading business aviation companies in Europe,  the Middle East, Russia and Asia and you are welcome to apply if you meet the job requirements.



posted on February the 1st (Closed for applications)

posted on December 27th (Closed for applications)

posted on November 30th 2017 (Closed for applications)

Posted on October 16th 2017 (Closed for applications)

October 13th-23rd / possible full time job offer (posted on October 8th 2017 (Closed for applications)

30 days on/ 30 days off (posted on September 25th 2017 (Closed for applications)

August 16th 2017 (Closed for applications)

(posted on November 28th 2016) Closed for applications.

(posted on March 23rd 2016) Closed for applications.

(posted on November 4th 2015) Closed for applications.

 (posted on October 24th 2015) Closed for applications

 (posted on October12th   2015) Closed for applications

(posted on September 6th 2015) Closed for applications.

(posted on August 31st 2015) Closed for applications.

(posted on August 28th 2015) Closed for applications.

(posted on August 5th 2015) Closed for applications.

(posted on June 18th 2015) Closed for applications.

(posted on May 24th 2015) Closed for applications.